These are our foundation breeding stock.  They are not for sale.

        Brown Swiss

THIS IS NOT OUR COW!  Many new farmers say our cows are "not that small."  All we have are miniatures.  This is a registered Brown Swiss milk cow and is NOT a miniature.  The picture below is one of our newborn miniature calves.  Note the disparity in sizes betweeen the above picture and the animals below.

char calf in tub on scale

gray with mom

            We've been blessed with our smallest calf ever!  Mom is 37" and Dad is 39", their calf was 19" at birth and is doing great!  Born 2-08-2011

A 2010 calf on her first day.  22 lbs at birth.

Our earliest purchase, Goldilocks, a Scottish Highlands cow and her 2 year old heifer calf, Snow White. 
Goldilocks is our herd matriarch and like many Highlands, she is moody and needy but this has its rewards.  She prefers to be in the yard, helping keep the grass trimmed!
Like many bottle raised animals, she is quite offended about being in the pasture with her peers, she'd rather be fussed over, praised and brushed.

Snow White on her first day on Earth, 10-20-08.   She camoflaged perfectly with our sheep :)

A mini Limousin/Zebu hybrid cow with her heifer calf born 7-11-10

Miniature Holstein cow at 40 1/2".  Excellent producer but not friendly!

Miniature Holstein Cow, she has grown too tall for our use as a mini but is going to stay any way :)

Mini Holstein heifer calf, very small and getting friendlier every day!  She is now a Mother as of 2-08-2011

WHAT?  It's 96 degrees and I was hot, so if you are not here to feed me, then give a lady some privacy!  I'm taking a bath!


BE CAREFUL when buying "miniatures"!  This is a picture of a very small DWARF heifer.  Not a miniature, a dwarf--very different from a miniature! 
Note the misshapen belly, swayed back and the unusually large head, equating to extremely poor conformation. 
This is (in our non-scientific) opinion an excellent example of a dwarfism gene called Achondroplasia.   These are often passed off as miniatures and can be found at auctions, because as soon as the new owners are educated, they often take them back to the sale barn.
These dwarf cattle often die in calving and although a C-section is performable by many vets, the best you can hope for is a cow that should not be bred again and a normal calf with dwarf genes.  This was bought at auction as a miniature.
She was 32" tall and passed on at less than three years of age.